Ways to Reduce Home Office Clutter

Is your home office full of clutter? 

Are you unable to find a spare pen when you need one? Or maybe you’ve run out of room to place your coffee cup? 

The home office doesn’t need to be full of clutter. Instead it can be a functional and well designed space with just a few small changes. 

Read on for 5 ways to reduce home office clutter! 

  • Use a glass jar for stationary

Don’t let your pens run amuck on your desk. Keep your stationary in the one place by storing pens in a glass jar or container. Not only will they look great, but you’ll always have a pen handy. 

  • Sort papers at the end of each day

There is nothing anyone hates more than having to file a month or more of paperwork in the one go. Don’t let yourself become this person. Instead, sort papers at the end of each day. And yes, this includes getting rid of newspapers, magazines, junk mail and random newsletters that are taking up valuable desk space. 

  • Have a junk drawer

We’re not going to lie or expect miracles of everyone. Keep clutter and mess at bay by allowing yourself one junk drawer or box in your home office. You can use this space to stash spare stationary packs and other miscellaneous items that don’t belong in a particular place. 

  • Organise your bookshelves

A fantastic way to keep on top of home office clutter is to organise your bookshelves. You can use storage boxes to keep similar items together or simply organise books by type. 

Bookshelves are also a great place to store folders or binders with important documents. 

And finally: 

  • Only keep items that mean something to you on your desk 

You want to associate your desk as a place of productivity and it’s not going to happen with endless knickknacks taking up space. Instead, only keep items that have a special significance to you – you won’t regret it.


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