Wardrobe Organisation: A Guide For Men

There are so many ways to store clothing and shoes. Wardrobe organisation for men is no exception. Read on for our tips. 

Utilise all space available – men’s wardrobes don’t have to hold as many long items as women’s do. Take this into consideration when designing the wardrobe. Usually, men can have two rows of hanging space (one above each other). You’ll save space, and create even more storage this way. 

Store clothing seasonally – you won’t need your think woollen overcoat in summer. Think about storing your clothing seasonally in another wardrobe or storage space. You can utilise space/vacuum bags for this. 

Never hang your knitwear – this is a common mistake that many people make. You should never hang your knitwear on coat hangers, instead fold them neatly and store on wardrobe shelves or inside of drawers. Hanging knitwear can cause these items to be stretched out of shape. 

Keep your shoes in their box –  unless you have an area specifically designed for shoes, it’s a good idea to keep them inside the box they came in. You can stack them easily making for great wardrobe organisation and they also protect your shoes from dust and light. 

Use suit bags –  remember those suit bags that your suits come in? They’re designed for a very important reason. They make your suit easily transportable and also protect it from dust and fading when hanging in your wardrobe. Always use your suit bag.

Don’t keep your dry cleaning on coat hangers the dry cleaner provides – dry cleaners tend to return your clothing on wire coat hangers. You should always change these as soon as you get your fresh clothes home. Wire coat hangers can dig into your clothing items and misshape them overtime. 

Always remove your belt from your pants – Just like wire coat hangers are no good for your clothes, storing your belts on your pants is a storage no-no. Belts can cause your pants to stretch, instead, store them on a belt rack within your wardrobe. 

Prevent creases by buttoning your shirts – after ironing your shirts always button them up to prevent creases and wrinkles from forming. If you get lazy, ensure that the top two buttons are fastened. Just remember to undo these buttons before pulling your shirt from the hanger in the morning. 

Keep the floor free – if possible keep the floor of your wardrobe free of shoes, clothing, miscellaneous items. This makes it easy to quickly vacuum inside the wardrobe when doing the weekly house clean. 

Follow these tips and wardrobe organisation will never be an issue again. 


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