Top Tips For Organising Your Wardrobe

How many times have you told yourself you would get your wardrobe sorted, never to start?

Maybe it’s bursting at the seams with clothes that no longer fit? Or perhaps you feel you’re too busy to put things back where they belong?

No matter the reason, we’re here to help with our top tips for organising your wardrobe. 

Step 1 – Remove all items

The best way to begin sorting your wardrobe is to start with a blank canvas. Achieve this by moving all items out of your wardrobe and placing them onto your bed or floor area. 

Step 2 – Declutter and dispose 

Now is the time to be ruthless. Clothes that don’t fit properly or items you know deep down will never be worn again should be donated to charity or tossed away depending on their quality and age. 

You can use two garbage bags – one for rubbish and one for charity – to simplify the decluttering process. 

Step 3 – Store seasonal items

Next, it’s time to remove seasonal items you won’t wear in the current season. You can store these in vacuum seal bags to save space and ensure items do not fall victim to dust or mould. 

Step 4 – Re-hang garments in order of height

Once you’ve organised the items of clothes you’re keeping, re-hang garments in order of height. Start at one end with tops, then move on to skirts, pants, dresses and finally coats/jackets. 

Some people will choose to group their wardrobe items in general categories such as tops and bottoms, this is also an efficient way for sorting your wardrobe. 

Step 5 – Ensure drawers are organised by type

Once your wardrobe is complete it’s time to move on to any drawers you have either inside or separate to your wardrobe. We recommend using different drawers for different types of clothing. Alternatively, you can use drawer dividers to separate smaller items like underwear and socks. 

Step 6 – Stand back and appreciate the hard work  

Finally, take a moment to stand back and look at newly organised wardrobe. When the doors are open you should be able to see every item you own, making it easy to return clothes and accessories back where they belong. 

Are you ready to get wardrobe sorted? We sure hope so! 


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