My Home Sorted! offer two classes of subscriptions: My Home Sorted! Personal Subscription & My Home Sorted! Professional Subscription.

Personal Sorter Subscription

My Home Sorted! Decluttering Program offers in-home and online decluttering services. Members will have access to online courses, tools and resources, as well as regular decluttering sessions with a Professional Organiser. 

Subscription Policy

All My Home Sorted! Subscriptions require a minimum term month joining period, depending on your preferred plan. Your subscription will automatically renew each month, and you will be charged on your joining date (ie May 1st, your next payment will be automatically deducted June 1st). Your payment will be automatically processed via the payment method used upon joining.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel at anytime, but will need to provide My Home Sorted! with 4 weeks notice. Once your cancellation request is processed you will be charged for one final upcoming payment cycle. Your access to your online subscription benefits will continue until the end of the subscription cycle you have purchased, and your subscription will no longer be automatically renewed. 

Purchaser agrees and understands that once your monthly subscription charge is billed and processed, your charge for that month is not refundable and will not be prorated. 


My Home Sorted! charge a payment surcharge of 1.9% per transaction when processed via our third party provider (Stripe).


All prices and charges quoted within our website, in print or via advertising material excludes GST. The standard rate of 10% (AUST) will be charged to all prices and relevant charge

Online Community Communication Policy

As a member of the My Home Sorted! Community, we want you to feel safe and free to talk about any topic or issue related to living or running a better business with organisation as the key focus. To ensure a proper functioning community we encourage all of our members to instigate a discussion, post a question or to their their opinion with others. 

Therefore, we have set the following rules for everyone to abide to, and if at any point you feel that members are not abiding to them, then simply notify us and we will address these members. We too are constantly monitoring our discussion boards to ensure that all members are following our guidelines.

Here are the rules…please follow them stringently to ensure that your time as a My Home Sorted! Subscriber offers a positive, and happy experience.

  1. Be Kind & Courteous
    • Treat everyone with respect, and kindness.
    • Always remember to say “Please” and “Thank you” when soliciting help from fellow sorters. Respect the opinions of your fellow sorters.
    • Don’t write anything that sounds angry or sarcastic, even as a joke, because without hearing your tone of voice, your peers might not realize you’re joking.
    • If you feel the need to disagree, do so respectfully and acknowledge the valid points of others. Acknowledge that others are entitled to have their own perspective and opinions on the topic at hand.
  1. No Bullying 
    • Don’t badmouth others or call them stupid. You may disagree with their ideas, but don’t mock the person.
    • Ensure that everyone feels safe, bullying of any kind is not permitted. Degrading comments about things such as religion, race, culture, sexual orientation, identity or gender will not be tolerated. 
  1. No Cross Promotions or Spam
    • Cross promotions, spams, personal or corporate business promotions are prohibited.
  1. Respect Each Other Privacy
  • Being a part of our community requires a mutual trust, anything shared within our discussion boards will remain within our Community. The information shared by our subscribers is personal and private and are not be shared externally.
  1. All Discussions
    • Prior to posting a question to a discussion board, check if another member has asked it and received a reply. 
    • When in a discussion please stay on topic – don’t post irrelevant links, comments, or images. Please don’t write in ALL CAPS! If you do, it will look like you’re screaming or raising a point in an impolite manner. 
    • Be brief. If you write a long dissertation in response to a simple question, it’s unlikely that anyone will spend the time to read through it all. 
    • Check the most recent comments before you reply to an older comment, since the issue might have already been resolved or opinions may have changed. Run a spelling and grammar check before posting anything to the discussion board. It only takes a minute, and can make the difference between sounding like a fool and sounding knowledgeable.
    • Photos can be uploaded by individual members, all photos must be your own and you are prohibited to post another individuals image without their permission. There can an will be serious consequences for posting images without the right permissions. Please ensure that no lewd or inappropriate photos are posted within any of our discussion boards. 

6. Repercussions

  • Any member not abiding by the above set rules will be removed from our community. Their profile and subscription will be cancelled, with their current monthly subscription fee remaining payable. 

My Home Sorted! Contact Details

My Home Sorted! welcomes your comments regarding our Company Policies. If you have any questions about our Policies, and would like further information, please contact us.

Call: 1300 30 11 77

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