Stop Neglecting Your Garage

Let’s face it. The home garage is often neglected and a place of clutter. 

We use it to store all the bits and pieces we don’t want or need inside our houses. We also use it to hide these sometimes unwanted items. 

But you can get your home garage sorted. 

Here’s how:

Empty and sort the garage

Start by taking any boxes and loose items from the garage and placing them onto the floor. Ensure you use organised piles to make the task easier. 

Next take a garbage bag and sort through the boxes one by one. Place all unneeded items into the garbage bag and/or recycling bin. It’s easier to sort your rubbish as you go. 

Once you have sorted all unwanted items, gather the remaining boxes and loose items into piles. Organise these piles by type, for example: car washing products; tools; gardening equipment; sports equipment. 

Devise a storage system

A storage system is essential to get any home garage sorted. If you have shelves inside the garage you can purchase large containers to store items within. If you don’t have shelves, it may be worth screwing some open shelves onto the walls. 

When purchasing large containers, look for sturdy containers with tight seals. This will ensure dust cannot get inside. 

For everyday items such as tools, consider purchasing a large toolbox or implement a pin board wall system. You will need smaller containers or separators for small items such as screws. 

Fill and sort your belongings

Take you time with this step. Using your storage containers, fill and sort all items/belongings that will be kept in the garage. Use large labels on the outside of the containers to easily access items at a later date. 

Any dangerous items should be stored up high or locked away from children. You can never be too cautious when it comes to dangerous home garage items. 

Maintain the system

Ensure the storage system is maintained by always returning any items back to their original place after using. Don’t allow yourself to accumulate a large pile or items on the floor or in the corner of your home garage. You’ll have to start the whole process again otherwise. 


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