Sort Your Tools Like A Pro

Think about this. 

You’ve just framed your latest family photo to hang in the hallway of your home. You head out to the garage to find a hammer and picture hook, only to walk away empty handed. 

You know you’ve got the required tools out there. But on this occasion, you just can’t find them. 

Sound familiar? 

For many people, the home garage is a place of mess, clutter and even chaos. That’s why we’ve compiled our top 6 ways to sort tools like a pro to ensure that situations like the one described above, never happen again. 

  • Remove clutter and excess tools

Use this as your chance to have an old fashioned clean out. Dispose of any tools that are missing parts or ones that are rusted. 

  • Use a peg board for small tools 

Peg boards are a fantastic way to store small tools. We recommend installing one above of your workbench to maximise space. You can store tools by size or shape. It’s also a great way to tell if something is missing.

  • Keep power tools adjacent to hand tools

Power tools and hand tools are often used in conjunction with each other. For this reason, we recommend storing them adjacent to each other. This way you can grab the tools that you need with ease. Sound good? 

  • Ensure power tools are kept in their original case

Nothing is worse than purchasing expensive power tools only to have them get damaged from rust or weather conditions. Ensure you keep power tools in their original case to preserve them for as long as possible. 

  • Use tackle boxes for small items

Tackle boxes are a great way to store small items such as nuts and bolts. You can stack tackle boxes to save space and label them to ensure you know what’s inside without opening them up.  

  • Don’t put damaged tools back in storage

Finally, get into the habit of always checking that your tools are in working order before placing them back in storage. The same goes for wiping down dirty items. 

If you notice that something is damaged or broken, do your best to fix the problem or place the tool aside to be fixed by a professional. 


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