Savvy Bathroom Organisation Tips

Have you ever wanted savvy bathroom organisation tips that are easy to use? You’re in luck! We’ve collected our favourite ways to keep your bathroom sorted and make getting ready a breeze in this handy blog. 

Install a towel rack for each family member

Do you ever walk into the bathroom and see wet towels everywhere? Avoid this by installing a towel rack for each family member – not only will this keep your bathroom organisation at its highest level, but you’ll always have dry towels ready for use. 

Pop a washing basket in the corner

How often do your family members leave dirty clothes on the bathroom floor? This is an incredibly frustrating habit and one that can be broken by keeping a washing basket in the corner of the bathroom. This way your family members have no excuse but to toss their dirty clothes in as they remove them. 

Minimise clutter on benches

The next spot to tackle is clutter on your bathroom bench. We recommend keeping all your bottles and jars of product within your bathroom cabinet or drawers to minimise mess and distraction. 

If you want to keep frequently used items on the bench, we advise clustering them together onto a small tray or basket or storing them in glass jars or clear plastic containers. 

These are a fantastic choice for cotton buds or balls, as they look great and allow you to see how much you have left at any time. 

Hang electrical appliances 

Do you spend precious time untangling electrical appliances each morning? Consider installing hooks on the inside (or to the side) of your bathroom cabinet to store hair dryers, straighteners or curling irons. This way they’re always ready for use and you avoid water damage by leaving them on the side of your sink! 

Consider over the toilet storage for extra room 

Lastly, if you’re looking for extra storage room consider installing shelves over your toilet. This space can be used to store extra toilet rolls, towels, spare toiletries or even bath toys! 

We’re especially fond of keeping items within nice looking baskets. 

Are you feeling inspired to get bathroom sorted? We sure hope so! 


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