Refrigeration Organisation Made Easy

Do you have a refrigeration organisation system? Or do you just toss everything in and hope for the best? 

Storing items in the wrong place within your refrigerator can be a recipe or disaster – it can even cause fruits and vegetables to ripen too quickly, or spoil other foods. 

However, with a refrigeration organisation system you can ensure you’re keeping your food fresh AND keeping track of what goes in and out with ease. 

Tackling the crisper

Did you know that you should never store fruits and vegetables in the same crisper compartment? The crisper is designed to maintain a moist environment that will keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer – however some fruits can be bad for others. 

Certain fruits produce chemicals that help them to ripen. This is great for these fruits in particular, but it can also cause everything around it to ripen at the same speed, which often leaves you with vegetables that have spoiled too quickly. 

Tackle the crisper by keeping fruits and vegetables in separate compartments – it’s that easy! 

Store meat together

Always pick one area of the refrigerator to be your designated meat storage area. The best choice is the lower shelves of the refrigerator as it’s often the coolest part of the refrigerator which is ideal for meat, seafood, and dairy products. 

Store meat products in their original packaging and do a weekly clean of this section of your refrigerator to ensure there is no lingering bacteria or accidentally spilled meat juices. 

Create a leftover system

Are you someone who keeps leftovers wherever they will fit within the refrigerator? Does this often leave you confused as to what is what? Or if they’re even edible? Consider keeping a white board or notepad on the outside of your refrigerator. Make note of the meal and date it was prepared on the whiteboard as you put leftovers away. Then when you eat them, cross them off the list. 

You should also make it easy for yourself by storing all your leftovers on the one shelf. 

Dairy in the door? No more!

Do you keep dairy items in the door of your refrigerator? If so, you need to rectify this ASAP. The door is the warmest part of the refrigerator and should only be used by foods that take the longest to spoil. This does not include dairy. 

Instead use the door space to store items such as juice and condiments. 


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