Quick and Easy Make-up Organisation Tips

Heading out? Getting ready quickly of a morning? Without proper make-up organisation it can be a nightmare. 

We want to simplify the process for you with these quick and easy make-up organisation tips. 

Declutter and remove expired products

Before you start organising, it’s important to take stock of your make-up collection. Remove any products that you no longer need or use, as well as any expired products – these are best left in the trash. 

Assess your storage options

We always recommend that our clients store make-up away from direct sunlight. For this reason, the bathroom drawers are often a great choice. If you have plenty of shelving in your medicine cabinet, you can also designate yourself a shelve there. 

Invest in containers or dividers 

Once you have chosen where you will keep your make-up, we recommend investing in some simple containers or drawer dividers. These will make your life so much easier and assist in keeping your make-up in tip top condition. 

Stackable containers are a great option as they can be piled on top of one another and you can store different types of beauty product in each container. Think one for eyes, one for lips, and one for face – the same applies for drawer dividers. 

Clear containers are great for seeing what’s inside of each container – but you can also use labels to achieve the same end result. 

Still short on space? 

If you’re lucky enough to have a massive make-up collection, consider fixing some adhesive organisers to the inside of your bathroom cabinet doors. These small but smart organisers are great for keeping frequently used products in arms reach. They’re also fantastic for making the most of tight spaces. 

Use jars for make-up brushes

Finally, make-up brushes are best stored upright. For this reason, glass jars or decorative containers work best. Try and separate your face and eye brushes into different jars or containers if possible to eliminate the number of brushes that can touch each other. 

Are you excited to transform your bathroom and make-up organisation? We sure are!


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