Pantry Organisation Tips for Your Kitchen

Do you ever find yourself browsing picture-perfect pantries on Instagram wishing they were your own? We sure do! 

But lucky for you, we also know how to make it happen! In this blog we share our top tips for pantry organisation. 

  1. Remove and declutter

The first step for pantry organisation is removing all items and completing a thorough declutter. This means checking the best before dates of every item in your pantry and tossing those that have expired away. 

This is also a good time to ditch any items of food that you know your family will never eat. 

We’re all guilty of holding onto a few items simply because we bought them – but what’s the point if you know deep down that they’re headed to waste? 

You can also choose to gift these items to friends or family who you know will enjoy them. 

  1. Choose your storage containers of choice

Next up is the task of picking storage containers for your dry items. We recommend choosing plastic or glass containers that have the ability to stack. Not only does this save you space, but it allows you to see how much you have left in each container. 

A good rule of thumb is to use square and rectangle containers for biscuits, crackers or cereal and round containers for pasta. 

  1. Use labels

Another great way to increase pantry organisation is to use labels for each shelf or container. This will depend on how you choose to arrange your pantry, but it can assist in ensuring all family members know where everything is kept – and we always like the sound of that! 

  1. Create a snack basket

Make after-school snacking a breeze by creating a snack basket within your pantry full of single-serve snacks. We recommend keeping this on a low shelf so that your kids can access it without asking. 

  1. Hang a shopping list inside

Lastly, we always recommend hanging a shopping list inside the pantry door. When you notice that you’ve almost finished one item, write it on the list and purchase during your next grocery shop. With this system in place, you’re guaranteed never to run out of tomato sauce or cereal again! 


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