Pantry Organisation Tips for Families

Hands up if you love a great pantry organisation idea? You’re not alone! There is nothing we love more here at Home Sorted! than ensuring that our pantry is as sorted as possible. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top pantry organisation tips for families! Use these tips to get your kitchen organisation underway. 

  1. Use air tight containers wherever possible 

Air tight containers are the lifesaver of every kitchen. They’re easily purchased from supermarkets; home wear stores or even discount retailers. They provide a simple and effective way of organising your pantry items whilst keeping food fresh longer. 

Use them in your pantry to organise items such as cereal, biscuits and pasta. Ensure you measure up your space and assess how many containers you need before purchasing. You can also label containers to make it easier for every family member to know what is what. 

  1. Group items by meal 

A nifty way of sorting your pantry is to group items by meal. We love creating a section in the pantry that is designated to breakfast foods like cereal, bread and condiments. 

This is also a great idea for snacks. Keep snacks on lower shelves in baskets or boxes to make them accessible for younger children. You can also do this in your refrigerator by chopping up fruit in advance. 

  1. Keep a shopping list in the pantry

How often do you use the last of something and forget to write it on the shopping list? Avoid this mistake by keeping a shopping list in your pantry. Now, whenever you finish an item or use the last can of something you can quickly write it onto the shopping list, so you’re ready to hit the supermarket when grocery day rolls around. 

  1. Check best before dates frequently 

Lastly, ensure when you’re sorting that you do a thorough check of best before dates before placing food items back in your pantry. It’s so easy to forget when you purchased something and no one wants to risk serving expired food. 

Also put aside any food you’ve purchased that you know your family will never get around to eating. These items can be donated to friends or family. You never know who may love that jar of organic goodness you bought and forgot to open! 


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