Nifty Organisation Ideas for the Whole Family

If you ask us, we could all benefit from an extra dose of organisation in our lives. 

Whether it’s its sorting your wardrobe or making meal plans for the week ahead – there are many ways that organisation can help. 

With this in mind, we’ve compiled the following list of nifty organisation ideas suitable for the whole family. 

  1. Sort your wardrobe seasonally 

One of our favourite tips at Home Sorted! is choosing to organise your wardrobe by season. 

This means taking big, bulky winter coats and storing them away for the summer months and then removing summer clothes during cooler times. This technique helps keep us organised as it reduces the number of items we have in our wardrobes and in turn makes us think long and hard about what is an essential and what isn’t. 

You can store out of season clothes in vacuum seal bags to ensure they remain fresh and pack away with ease. 

  1. Store doona covers as sets

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to sort your linen? Well there is! We recommend storing doona covers as sets to ensure no sheets or pillowcases go missing. 

To do this, simply fold up all the sheets in the set and store them inside one of the sets pillowcases – how easy is that? 

  1. Plan your week’s meals in advance

Next up is cooking! 

A great way to keep the whole family organised is by planning each week’s meals in advance. You can use a spreadsheet to simplify the process or purchase a simple grid meal planner from stores such as Kmart and Big W. 

Aim to keep 80% of the meals planned healthy, leaving room for fun foods and snacks. 

  1. Hang a shopping list in your pantry 

Lastly, keep your groceries sorted by hanging a shopping list inside of your pantry door. This allows you to add items to the list as you notice your supply growing low or empty and gives you a pre-written shopping list when grocery day rolls around each week. 

You can also delegate this task to the entire family to ensure nothing is missed. 

Will give one or more of these ideas a try? We sure hope so!   


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