Frustrated with your Clutter? We Can Help!

Less Mess, Less Stress!

Clutter Builds Daily, So We’ll Sort Your Home Regularly…Creating a Clutter Free Home for You to Enjoy.

We Declutter

Your Home For You

We Donate

To Those in need


We Destress

Your Home Life

Organising Your Home

A Big Job....Or is it?

When we think about clutter, we think disorganisation! Piles of clothes, paper worked spilling over, or a pantry with a messy structure, and yes that is the correct visual.

But, the reality is that the clutter is usually not the problem, see a mess and clean it up right? … Wrong! Our clutter is purely a reflection of us, and our mindset. In saying this, yes we do share our homes with messy kids, or partners, and it can be difficult for them to take responsibility for their habits.

My Home Sorted! offers you regular decluttering sessions with one of our experienced professional organisers. Together, we’ll create a clutter free home, helping you to remove any added daily stress from home mess.

Sorting is better together let’s make it simple, rewarding and a goal to live better and to earn back free time at home.

Helping Families to Live Cutter Free since 2002

“I’m so excited to share my unique home decluttering plans! I’ve seen first hand many families struggle with managing day to day tasks due their excess clutter. I love to help them, and to see the end result…and now together with my personally trained expert staff, we can help more families to live clutter free on a regular basis. 

Our plans affordable for families, and extremely effective…dare I say it…decluttering is much more effective than cleaning when aiming to create order. Together, we’ll set your personal sorting goals and work together to achieve them. 

The biggest win of all is the feeling you’ll have when you can finally cut through your clutter, and be able to simply enjoy your home and earn back free time on your weekends!”

Nina Francesca

Founder of Home Sorted!

Professional Organiser

20+ Years Experience

Published Author of the Sorted! Series

Industry Business Coach

Personal & Business Mentor

Real Results

Our homes are unique…they don’t need to be picture perfect, just practical for us and our families.

The Home Sorted! DIFFERENCE….

we CARE and we HELP you on your JOURNEY of eliminating your CLUTTER!

By offering a personalised and RESULTS driven approach.

It’s easy to get STARTED…and to get SORTED.

Our Process To Get You Sorted!

Our Home Decluttering Plans provide you with your own Professional Organiser keeping your Home Sorted,

so that you can earn back free time…or simply entertain again!



Your Decluttering Plan

Based On How Often Your Clutter Builds 


We Commit

To Sorting Your Home

Every Few Months! Keeping it Clutter Free


You Enjoy Your

Neatly Organised Space

Without the Worry Of Clutter Resurfacing


Your Preferred Home Decluttering Plan to Suit Your Needs.

3 Hours
Every 3 Months
$ 99 *per month
  • 1 Hour Initial Home Consultation
  • Regular 3 Hour Decluttering Sessions
  • 20% Off All Our Sorting Services
  • My Home Sorted! Online Course
  • Available Melbourne Metro Areas
4 Hours
Every 4 Months
$ 89 *per month
  • 1 Hour Initial Home Consultation
  • Regular 4 Hour Decluttering Sessions
  • 20% Off All Our Sorting Services
  • My Home Sorted! Online Course ​
  • Available Melbourne Metro Areas
6 Hours
Every 6 Months
$ 79 *per month
  • 1 Hour Initial Home Consultation
  • Regular 6 Hour Decluttering Sessions
  • 20% Off All Our Sorting Services
  • My Home Sorted! Online Course ​
  • Available Melbourne Metro Areas

*Plus GST + $29.95 Sign Up Fee 


Together, Let's Help Those In Need

Most of us take for granted the many basic items around our home, throughout our sorting journey we have always donated our clients unwanted belongings to those in need. 

Our passion and intent to help as many families as we can continues by us donating $5 from your payment plan to GIVIT. They’re an amazing organisation providing essential items to many appeals and various households Australia wide.


I feel so much better at home, I am loving my new space. I can find what I need and it’s so easy to maintain.


Cranbourne, Melbourne

I cannot believe how easy it was to sort my home. I was worried that I’d be spending weeks creating order, but with your guidance it was quicker than expected! 


Essendon, Melbourne

Thank you! I am now happy at home, and considering I’m working from home I really needed the push and extra help.


Frankston, Melbourne


My Home Sorted! is an in home decluttering plan with expert guidance and hands on help to quickly remove your clutter stress. My Home Sorted provides decluttering sessions within your home, plus online tools to help you to live clutter free every day.

No, there are no contracts, and you can simply cancel your My Home Sorted! plan at anytime … you can also rejoin My Home Sorted! at anytime. Simply utilise the My Home Sorted! benefits as frequently as you need to get your home in order.

Our Home Consultations are time spent with a Professional Organiser assessing your home to ensure we help you to achieve the results you require. We will then create a plan based on your space and layout.

We have been offering Home Sorting services for over 20 years, offering Home Relocation Services (packing & unpacking), Home Styling Services & Home Sanitizing Services. Your discount applies to all our available services.

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