To celebrate our new My Christmas Sorted! Course. we are on hand to help you to declutter your home to get ready for the festive season, in a smart and generous way. 

You see, we…as a collective…are a nation with way too many items at home, we’re also a nation that love to help others, and to share with those less fortunate.

So together for the next 12 days let’s declutter, donate and destress…WIN/WIN

How Does It Work?

It’s easy to get started…and to get sorted!

Join Our Program

Simply join our 12 Day Decluttering Challenge for access to our tools and resources.

Meet Your Organiser

You will be allocated a Professional Organiser, to help you with personalised decluttering sessions.

Follow Our Steps

Every day you will be provided with tasks, guidance and the motivation you need to remove the mess and the extra stress.

Supported to Get Sorted

Together with your Professional Organiser, and community we will work together to make this a clutter free Christmas.

Your Sorting Tools

Throughout our 12 Days of Christmas Decluttering challenge, you’ll have unlimited access to our tools and resources…

My Christmas Sorted! Course

Not sure which area of your home you’d like to sort first? Our course offers step by step guidance and assistance to getting your home and head ready for the Christmas rush! 

You’ll receive your own dashboard, with  support, and live regular sessions for extra motivation and help.

Time & Money Saving Sorting Sessions

Show us Your Clutter support Sessions

Live Sessions with our Professionals

Your Dashboard, Your Window to Support

You deserve to have a home that you are proud of, and our aim is to remove your clutter so you can live better!


Support Sessions


Themed Sorting




Goal Setting


Goal Tracking


Progress Photos

GIVIT to Those Who Need it!

So, you’ve decluttered your home – great! Now how long will those garbage bags sit neatly in the boot of your car?!

A Day?…A Week?…A Month? Argh! So annoying!

Our charity of choice is GIVIT, they are a great organisation helping generous people (like you) to give the smart way.

Included with your daily decluttering steps, and guidance, is a clever, and practical donating system. 

So that your home will not only be decluttered, it will also be free of your loaded garbage bags.

They will be collected from your doorstep with the click of a button, and will make a HUGE difference in someones life!

The Home Sorted! Difference

The Home Sorted! DIFFERENCE….we CARE and we GUIDE you carefully through your JOURNEY of eliminating your CLUTTER, with a personalised and RESULTS driven approach.

Be Rewarded to Get Sorted!

We’re giving away a 12 Hour Home Decluttering Package, valued at $999.00 to the Most Inspirational Transformation.

That’s two 6 hour days with one of our Professional Organisers sorting your home for you, and setting it up so that you will never be tempted to build clutter again!

My Christmas Sorted!

12 Days of Christmas Challenge
$ 19.00 *One Off Fee
  • Coaching Program
  • Online Course
  • Forum Discussions
  • Community Support
  • Virtual Events
  • Rewarded Challenges
  • Emotional Support
  • Professional Guidance
  • Adaptable Coaching
  • Practical Solutions

* For New Members Only – One Off Fee. No lock-in contracts.

The Next My Home Sorted! Challenge

Dec 1st - Dec 12th

Step One

Secure Your Spot

In order to join our My Christmas Sorted! 12 Day Declutter, Donate and Destress Challenge, you’ll need to simply sign up.

Step Two

Access To Our Community

In the lead up to challenge you’ll receive access our online course, challenge tools and be introduced to your Organiser.

Step Three

Follow Our 12 Day Challenge

We’ll provide you with live classes, guides, tools, motivation and a platform to assist you to fulfil your goal of having well sorted home in time for Chrstmas.

Step Five

Be Rewarded to Get Sorted!

We’re giving away a 12 Hour Decluttering Package (Valued at $999) simply follow all of the steps involved in our 12 Day Challenge, and achieve your goal of removing your clutter, as well as helping others.


Not at all! In order to join our My Christmas Sorted! 12 Day Sorting Challenge, you’ll simply need to Sign Up for the Challenge and pay a one off fee of $19. As a bonus you’ll have full access to all of our My Home Sorted! tools and guides to help you to sort your entire home whilst the 12 Day  Challenge is active.

In order to qualify to enter our My Christmas Sorted! 12 Day Sorting Challenge, with the chance to win a 12 Hour Decluttering Package (Valued at $999) you’ll need to sort a minimum of two key areas within your home. We offer guidance on how to sort your whole home, so feel free to sort as few or as many rooms as you like at home. 

Throughout the challenge we will provide you with daily steps and guides to get you sorted for Christmas. You will also have access to our My Christmas Sorted! Course, tools, online forum, guides, a before, during & after photos album for you to upload, and be inspired by, as well as our online live home sorting sessions…plus much more!

Not at all, the Sorting Sessions are live and interactive, and are in place for any subscriber who needs motivation and would love to learn tips from us. You’ll have an opportunity to show us your space, and for us to guide you via either a group or a personal sorting online consultation.