Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing. It’s a buzz word we hear all the time, but what does it actually mean? 

The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

In short, marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires and helps businesses close these opportunities. 

As a small business, there are many ways to promote and sell your service. Keep reading as we outline several marketing ideas. 

Show your customer how you can improve their life

The first action of any marketing should always be showing and telling your customer how you can improve their life. Will you save them time? Perhaps reduce stress? Allow them the opportunity to focus on what is most important to them? No matter the answer, you simply must use this as a means of promotion and explanation. 

Use case studies to illustrate

A great way to illustrate the point above is through case studies. Have you successfully serviced a customer recently? Explain to the customer what problems the customer had and how your service helped resolve them. 

Case studies are great because they can be detailed in flyers, by word-of-mouth, handouts and even email marketing campaigns. 

Share business developments online

Whilst you’re developing case studies it’s also imperative that you get your voice online by sharing business updates. This can be achieved via email marketing campaigns, on your business website, or social media profiles. These kinds of updates are particularly great for Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Utilise your local community (and connections!)

Another great way to promote your business or service is to utilise your local community and connections. One great customer review in the local community is all it takes for positive word-of-mouth promotions to spread. 

Consider using flyers (filled with case studies) in your local area. You can also make use of community bulletin boards. 

Always follow up 

Finally, ensure that you always follow up on your customers. This is a great way to gather feedback about your business or service and to uncover what other problems your customer base needs solving. 

Marketing may not always seem like marketing. But with a well-rounded approach you can be sure that you’ve covering all bases and getting the best kind of return!


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