Making the Most of Your Home Office

Is your home office a place of order or chaos? 

Do you struggle to locate items that should be within arm’s reach? 

Are you wondering how to turn a boring office space into somewhere you actually want to work? 

From excessive paperwork pilled on desks to failing to utilise wall space, making the most of your home office can be a simple and wonderful process. 

Get on top of paperwork

Don’t get buried in paperwork by asking yourself a couple of simple questions before making any sudden decisions and accidently disposing of something you shouldn’t. 

  1. If I get rid of this could I get in legal or financial trouble?
  2. Will I have a hard time locating this information again if I get rid of this document?
  3. Will keeping these documents make it easier for someone else to manage my state of affairs should the need arise? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need to ensure these documents are filed for safe keeping. 

You don’t always need to hang onto the original document – in many cases, you can scan them to create digital copies, this is also a good backup method for documents that may fade over time. 

Keeping electronic copies of receipts is also a great way to make tax returns a smoother process. 

Utilise prime real estate

Consider the walls in your home office as prime real estate. Too often, people forget about these vast spaces and fail to maximise their potential. 

We adore floor to ceiling bookcases for their lush look and storage potential. From books, school text books, paperwork, knickknacks or small pieces of art, bookcases are the perfect home for almost anything you can imagine. 

You can even turn them into a feature by choosing stylish and decorative ways to store your items. These can include grouping books by colour or using fashionable archive boxes to store unsightly items. 

Ensure your personality shines through

The biggest and best tip for making the most of your home office is ensuing it has personality and flair. Think about the colours and items you love most and try and incorporate these into your home office design. 

You can also use inspiration or pin boards as a small scale way to bring a pop of colour and life into an otherwise dull space. 


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