Make Time For Family With A Sorted Family Room

Your family room serves many functions. It’s a space to relax, play, eat, and spend time with family. This is why keeping your family room sorted can be somewhat of a challenge.

You may lose hours tidying every evening or feel frustrated at the lack of order. We hear you!

But the good news is – it only takes a few steps to sort your family room, leaving you with time to relax and create memories with your loved ones. So, who’s keen to get sorted? 

Designate zones within your family room

A great family room – depending on size – is separated into zones. What this does is allow you to designate areas for different activities, which ensures that your family members can enjoy the space together. Some ideas include a zone for watching movies and reading (usually the couch area), kids play zone, or even study zone. We’re getting excited just thinking about the family activities you’ll be sure to enjoy! 

Keep flat surfaces clutter free 

When sorting your family room aim to keep flat surfaces clutter free. What this means is ensuring all items have a place where they belong and surfaces such as coffee tables and bookshelves are not used to collect clutter or rubbish. 

Not only does this ooze organisation, but it allows you to enjoy family time without hassle or distraction. 

Use storage wisely 

Storage can make or break a family room. Which is why we recommend opting for functional storage such as ottomans with removable lids to store pillows and blankets, or coffee tables with shelves and drawers. This way everything you need for a family movie night is within reach!

Create a space for play

If you have children in the home, a space for play is essential within the family room. This can be as simple as clustering kids’ toys together in baskets or creating a special place for them to relax and let their imagination flow. By creating a designated area for play you’re also ensuring that family time is fun for all ages. 

Remove items that don’t belong 

Once you have sorted your family room, it’s important to keep it this way. Achieve this by spending five minutes each evening putting items back where they belong. This includes taking plates and cups back to the kitchen, disposing of rubbish and moving miscellaneous items back to the room where they belong. 

Consider how you feel

Our last point is also the most important. When sorting your family room be sure to consider how it makes you feel. You want to feel welcomed, calm and ready to relax – and you want your entire family to feel this way too! This may mean keeping some family knick knacks on show, placing warm and inviting cushions on the couch or encouraging each family member to take responsibility for the space. Either way, you’re bound to have a space to enjoy together and create memories. 

What’s next? 

We understand how good a sorted family room can feel and we’re ready to help you experience this for yourself.


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