Maintaining an Organised Home Office

An organised home office is the start to an organised life. Take time each month to complete maintenance in order to keep yourself on top of your paperwork and personal/family documents. 

We’ve split our recommended monthly maintenance into six categories to make it super simple and easy to follow. Are you ready for an organised home office? We sure are! 

Stocktake cupboards

Open each cupboard within your home office and make note of any stationary or supplies that you are running low on. Add these to your shopping list to pick up next time you’re at the shops. 

Also, complete a quick tidy of any loose documents or items that may have arisen during the month. 

Organise drawers

Your home office drawers are best kept organised with separate spots allocated to each of your stationary items. 

Achieve this level of organisation by using cutlery drawer dividers within your office drawers. If this is not for you, consider placing rubber bands around each item type. This is a quick, affordable way to keep drawers tidy. 

Tidy the desk area

It’s incredibly easy to lose yourself to an unruly desk. The key to an organised home office is staying on top of papers that accumulate. File any relevant papers into your filing system, remove rubbish, and give the desk area a thorough dust. Don’t forget your computer monitor and keyboard; these can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. 

File documents

You should already have a filing system in place. Ensure your filing system is kept in order by checking each file within your cabinet. This may seem like a lengthy process, but in reality it doesn’t take long. Remove each file from the cabinet and flick through, removing any papers that belong elsewhere. Place these in a pile and file away accordingly. 

Organise electronic files

Your electronic files are just as important as your paper filing system. Log onto your computer and complete a routine check. Ensure your documents are filed in their respective folders. Empty your computer’s trash can, and remove your ‘deleted’ and ‘sent’ items from your email account. 

Complete general maintenance

For the finishing touch, give your home office a thorough dust, vacuum and mop. 

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy an organised home office. 


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