Let’s Talk About Wardrobe Organisation

The last thing anyone wants to do of a chilly winter morning is stand in the cold, ransacking their wardrobe in search of a missing item. It certainly doesn’t sound appealing to us. 

Prevent this from happening with a strong dose of wardrobe organisation. 

Cull your clothes as if it’s your job

Don’t save all your culling for spring time – get into the act now. 

Start by removing all your clothes and placing them across your bed. Next get two garbage bags ready – one for donations and one for trash – and start sorting. As you sort through your clothes don’t get bogged down by sentimental value. If you haven’t worn an item in six months, it’s time for it to go. 

Place the unwanted clothes in two garbage bags. One for items of good quality to be donated to charity or friends and family, and the other for items that should be sent straight to the trash. As a rule – don’t donate anything in a condition you wouldn’t wear yourself. 

Vacuum seal the excess

If you still find yourself with an excessive amount of clothes, consider separating your wardrobe into seasons and using vacuum seal bags to store those clothes you won’t be needing for several months. Vacuum bags can be stored on top of your wardrobe or even in your garage to create more space for wardrobe organisation! 

Hang your clothes in order of type

As you place your clothing back into your wardrobe – hang them in order of type. Start at one side with your smaller items such as singlets, tops, and then move towards, skirts, dresses, pants and coats. 

By keeping all your clothing separated by type it enables you to move swiftly and efficiently of a morning when putting together an outfit. 

It also allows you to stand back and evaluate your wardrobe and what you may need to purchase for the following season. 

Use a shoe rack for extra space

Don’t simply toss your shoes into the bottom of your wardrobe in unruly fashion. Instead use a double layered show rack to increase storage potential. By having two layers you should be able to fit all your frequently worn shoes into one space – work shoes on the top layer and casual / weekend shoes on the lower. 


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