Lazy Laundry Hacks

Is the cold weather making you dread doing the laundry? Are you tired of trying to dry clothes on freezing rainy days? 

We’re got plenty of lazy laundry hacks to make completing your laundry a breeze this winter. 

Use at least two laundry baskets

Separating the laundry is often the most difficult part. Combat laundry dread by using at least two laundry baskets in your laundry – one for colours and one for whites. You can take this one step further by having an additional basket for intimates and items that must be hand washed. Get your family into the habit of sorting their clothes as they place them in the laundry, and you’re set to make the process even smoother. 

Create a drying room 

If you’re lucky enough to have central heating in your home, consider turning a small room in your home into a drying room. Hang clothes in the room on clothes horses or coat hangers and as you heat your home, your clothes will speed dry. We recommend using the bathroom if you have a central heating vent in there. 

Use an extra spin cycle

After your washing is complete, consider running an extra spin cycle before moving the clothing to the dryer. The extra spin cycle will remove even more water from your clothing, allowing the dryer to work better and faster. 

Reduce ironing time

Remove your clothing from the dryer as soon as it’s finished and hang on coat hangers to reduce ironing time. Doing so will prevent wrinkles and creases from forming in business shirts and pants. We love the sound of that! 

Regularly clean your washing machine and dryer

It may sound silly but your laundry appliances need to be cleaned regularly too. Aim to give them a thorough clean every few months to ensure they work more efficiently. Cleaning your washing machine can remove excess dirt and soap, whereas cleaning your dryer can make it dry your clothes in a shorter time span – your clothes will thank you for this one.   

Air clothes in between wears to reduce washes

Alternatively, if these hacks still seem to difficult, you can try and reduce the amount of washes your clothing needs by airing them between wears. Shirts and dresses can be worn more than once, and your jeans are good for many more. 


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