Laundry Organisation Tips Your Clients Will Love

It’s common for people to overthink the laundry when organising their home. After all, it’s usually a small room that most people would rather avoid. Who really wants to do laundry? 

But the main point to remember when sorting any laundry is to ensure that the area is organised in a functional and practical way. 

With a few easy organisational tips, you can turn your client’s laundry room into a space they will love. 

Organise the washing baskets

Always ensure that your clients have two washing baskets – one for whites and one for colours. Washing baskets with lids and holes on each side are preferable as they keep everything organised, whilst allowing dirty laundry a chance to air. 

Also recommend that your clients don’t keep a washing basket in the bathroom. It’s easy for dirty clothing to pile up where there is a basket in the bathroom as it is often forgotten about. 

Organise laundry supplies

Just like organising the laundry washing baskets, it’s important to ensure your clients have laundry supplies organised too. 

A handy and easy method is to use two buckets – one for cleaning tools and one for laundry products. 

Place washing detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers etc. into the laundry products bucket. Then place the remaining cleaning products, such as microfiber cloths and cleaning sprays into the cleaning tools bucket. 

Place each bucket on a laundry shelf, preferably high up where children cannot reach for safety reasons. 

Label laundry items

Now that you’ve organised the baskets and buckets for your client’s laundry, it’s time to label them. 

Labels make it easy for every member of the family to know where each item belongs. Knowing where to put something is the first step towards a truly sorted laundry! 

Position your ironing board and iron

Washing the laundry is only the first step. It’s also important to position your clients ironing board and iron in an easy to access area of the laundry. We recommend placing a hook on the wall to store the ironing board. This will also stop it from being knocked over by accident. 

Store the iron and spare coat hangers in the cupboard closest to the ironing board. 

It only takes a few simple changes to create a laundry any client would love as much as we’re sure you love your own! 


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