Practical Laundry Sorting Tips

Are you searching for a way to transform your laundry space? Here at Home Sorted! we love sharing laundry organisation advice to our loyal readers. 

That’s why we’ve grouped together the best laundry organisation tips you’ll hear today. 

Are you ready to get your laundry sorted once and for all? 

  1. Use multiple washing baskets

If you only make one change to your laundry routine, make sure it includes multiple washing baskets. 

We recommend creating a system of at least two washing baskets – one for colours and one for whites – within your laundry. This allows you to sort your washing as soon as you take it to the laundry, meaning you can fast track your washing time for every load! Doesn’t that sound great? 

You can also use separate baskets for intimates and hand washing if you choose. 

  • Hang your ironing board

Don’t waste valuable storage space by keeping your ironing board on the floor. Use two hooks to hang your ironing board onto the laundry wall, or behind the door. 

This will keep it out of the way and prevent damage should any water spills occur. 

  • Use a laundry cart if you’re short on storage

Are you short on cupboards or shelves in your laundry? Consider using a laundry cart to maximise space and potential. Stores such as Ikea have a range of rolling carts that can be used to store detergents, stain removers, pegs, etc. 

  • Store detergent in glass jars

A great way of keeping track of your laundry detergent is to decant powders into glass jars. This enables you to see how much detergent you have left – and they sure look better than the standard laundry detergent box. 

  • Keep odd socks in a basket or box

We all have a pesky sock or two hanging around the laundry. Keep odd socks in a basket or box whilst you wait for the pair to appear in the wash. 

  • Keep stain removers together

Consider creating a stain remover caddy with all your frequently used items – this way you don’t need to go searching for them when a nasty stain appears on your favourite shirt or jumper. 

If you’re feeling keen, you can also create a chart of common stains and the best ways to remove them to keep in the caddy. 

Are you motivated to make changes to your laundry organisation? We sure hope so! 


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