Keeping The Home Office Sorted

Imagine this. 

You’ve just spent hours sorting your home office. All your paperwork and important documents are filed away. Every family member has their own section of the filing cabinet and there is not an ounce of rubbish in sight. 

Sounds peaceful right?

But how do you keep the home office sorted? 

Can I possibly maintain such perfection? 

You sure can. With a few daily and monthly maintenance steps, you’ll have a no problem keeping the home office sorted. 

Daily Maintenance

Reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend cleaning by staying on top of clutter with daily maintenance. 

  1. File papers away – filing information, bills and other documents can build up quickly. Ensure you file all paperwork away at the end of each day to prevent misplacing important documents. 
  2. Pay your bills – keep track daily of what needs to be paid to ensure you never miss a due date!
  3. Put all items back where they belong – this is highly recommended! By returning all items to their allocated drawers or cupboards you are reducing potential clutter and leaving yourself with a clean work space. It’s also proven that a clear desk allows for clearer thinking and more efficient work. 
  4. Empty the rubbish bin and recycling – keeping on top of the rubbish reduces the potential for odours and mess. 

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance is necessary to ensure a smooth and efficient working environment. 

  1. Organise and restock all cupboards and drawers – open each cupboard and drawer and take note of any stock you may be running low on. Be sure to purchase these items on your next shopping trip. Also use this time to realign and tidy all items in the cupboards and drawers. 
  2. Check the desk area for missed papers – file away any paperwork you find immediately. 
  3. Update all filing systems – whether you use a filing cabinet or binder filing system, check each file to ensure that all papers are in order – remove any papers that don’t belong in the file. 
  4. Clean the home office – give all areas a thorough dust, dispose of old stationary items and give the area a vacuum and mop any tiled areas. 
  5. Give the home office a fresh finishing touch – consider placing a decorative object on your desk or bookshelves. This is a great way to bring a touch of personality into the room whilst keeping the home office sorted. 


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