How to Write Successful To-Do Lists

We talk all the time about the magic of to-do lists. How they can help streamline your life and ensure everything is in order. But how do you know you’re writing your to-do lists as effectively and successfully as you can be? 

We’ve put this handy guide together to ensure you’re on the right track! Grab a cuppa and read on. 

Pick a medium and stick to it

Are you a pen and paper person? Or do you prefer using an app on your smart phone? The method you choose doesn’t matter in the slightest – your only concern should be about what works best for you. 

Split your to-list into two

This may seem counterproductive from the outset, but it is a fantastic way to ensure you’re achieving a level of productivity and task-completion each and every day. 

We recommend breaking your to-do lists into daily tasks and ongoing tasks. Your daily tasks should be limited to those that have highest priority and should be capped at around three tasks per day. 

Your ongoing list can be however long it needs to be. Just remember to cross reference and remove big tasks from the ongoing list as they get transferred to your daily one. 

Slice your daily tasks in half

If you’re struggling to keep your daily to-do list to around three tasks, we recommend writing yourself a longer list of what you want to achieve in a day and then slicing it in half. The rest of the tasks can be moved to your ongoing list and tackled at a later date. 

We love this method as it forces you to subconsciously prioritise tasks – how good is that? 

Schedule time to plan

We say it time and time again, but failure to plan, is planning to fail. Get into the routine of writing your to-do lists at the start or end of each day. It doesn’t matter which option you choose as long as you follow through. 

Remember to be flexible – things happen unexpectedly 

Finally, always remember to be flexible. There will be times when you won’t be able to complete the tasks on your to-do list for any manner of reasons. Remember to be gentle on yourself, reschedule them, and conquer tomorrow! 

Do you have a trick for keeping your to-do lists organised? Tell us in the comments. 


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