How to Win at Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to build support for your brand or business. 

This said, it’s absolutely vital that you include social media in your business strategy. Not only are the popular social media platforms very easy to use, but they allow you to connect with large volumes of people. 

Have we convinced you yet? 

Once you’ve decided to use social media to boost your online persona, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to ensure your profiles are on point and winning at every turn. 

Keep your content personal

No one wants to see the same thing reposted over and over again. Rather, use social media as an opportunity to showcase the person behind the business. Sharing personal moments allow you to build a connection with your audience, which helps create a sense of authenticity and allows you to appeal ‘real’. 

Tell stories to engage

Along with personal content, stories are a great way to engage your following. For instance, no one wants to hear about what they should be doing in life. This can come across as if you’re lecturing them. Instead, craft your content around real life stories and inspiration. 

Telling your followers about how you helped a client solve a problem will hands down win every time. 

Figure out what your audience needs

Social media is also a fantastic way to learn more about your audience. You can engage in subtle market research by asking your community questions about your business and what it is they require from you. 

Any platform that allows you to have direct communication with your customer base should be used! 

Use captivating imagery

Social media is at its foremost a visual platform – Instagram would be nothing without stunning images and you should strive to uphold this mantra with your own accounts. There are numerous free stock image websites that allow you to use their images – but you can also get creative with your smart phone. 

Include a call to action

Call-to-action posts tell your community exactly what you want them to do. When used sparingly, this can be a great way to build your engagement, exposure and followers. 

This kind of content includes asking your community to tag a friend, use a hashtag, provide feedback or even share your post. 

Have you had social media success? Share your tips below. 


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