How to Use Letterbox Marketing

Letterbox marketing is one of the most used and most successful means of marketing for small businesses. 

It allows you to get into the homes of your potential customer base, and if done well, can be incredibly efficient at drumming up new business. 

Here were share our top tips for using letterbox marketing today! 

Choose your target location

One of the key points of letterbox marketing is that it allows you to target the exact location you would love your business to service. Are there particular post codes that you normally service? When choosing your target location, it’s a good idea to consider where your customers normally reside and target this area and surrounding. 

Ensure your material is high quality

When putting together letterbox marketing material it’s important to ensure that your material is of a high quality. We recommend hiring a graphic designer to put together flyers for you or learning how to use online programs such as Canva to ensure that the designs your produce are friendly to the eye. 

Keep the reader engaged

Next up are the words you use. One of the best ways to keep the reader engaged is to use copy that appeals to their emotions. Do you have a story to tell or a case study that will appeal to your target audience? These can be included on letterbox marketing material to give your flyers a human approach. 

Include a call-to-action

All letterbox marketing should include a call-to-action. If you’re unaware, a call-to-action is a method of providing the reader with a way to find further information about your product or service. This can include a website link, phone number, or even links to social media profiles. 

The main objective here is to encourage the reader to reach out for more information – no matter the means. 

Follow up new leads 

Finally, once your new leads reach out to you for further information, remember to follow up! These new leads are your chance to gather additional customers for your business and should be used as an opportunity to convert to sales. 

This can be completed via email direct marketing or even a phone call depending on the size of your target audience. 

Have you tried letterbox marketing? Tell us your experiences below. 


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