How to Use Instagram In Business

Chances are you created an Instagram profile for your business when you were getting started. 

But where is it now? 

If you’re not dedicating a small fraction of time to your social media strategy – you’re doing small business marketing wrong! That’s why we’ve put this quick and easy Instagram guide together, to show you, just how easy it is. 

How to post

The first thing to remember is that Instagram is a visual platform – you want to select images and videos that promote your business in its best light. 

Better yet, Instagram is very user friendly and allows you to upload images directly from your smart phone and edit them in the app. Simply tap on the + button at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts. 

It’s also important to include a short caption that tells your audience about the image being shared. Images of past client work or inspiration are two kinds of content that generally perform well. 

How to add locations

Instagram also allows you to add locations to your post. These are in the form of a geotag and allow users on the platform to search for content within this particular location. 

This is useful for small businesses, as it allows you to cut through the clutter and ensure that your content is reaching the right people!  Simply remember to select a location tag when moving through the posting prompts. 

How to use hashtags

Once you’ve made a post, we recommend including a handful of hashtags in a separate comment. Hashtags allow users to search for content – in the same way that you may search for a particular topic on Google. 

Simply select the comment button on your post and type in the relevant #hashtags and click post. It may be worth doing a little bit of research on relevant and popular hashtags to ensure you’re using ones that are visited frequently. 

Should I use stories too? 

Lastly, a common question received by people who specialise in social media is – should I use stories too? 

Instagram stories allow you to publish text, image or video posts that expire after 24 hours.

We feel they’re a fantastic tool for small businesses, as they allow you to give your customers an inside look at what you’re doing at any given moment. They also drive organic reach to your profile, making them a win-win. So don’t hesistate! 

Have you used Instagram to your advantage in business? We’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments below.


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