How to Use Body Language to Your Advantage

Sales people (or those running small businesses) have a difficult job ahead of them. They need to be engaging AND appealing at all times in order to win clients and gain sales.  

Take a moment to think about the last person you heard speak – in person preferably – and how they engaged you. 

Did they look you directly in the eye or speak to their feet when holding a conversation? Chances are, a large portion of their repertoire relies on positive body language. 

So how can you use body language to your advantage? 

Appear confident by smiling 

The easiest way to make a potential customer more comfortable is to smile at them. It may sound simple, but it works wonders to ease nerves and project an aura of confidence. 

Doesn’t that sound ideal? 

Don’t cross your arms

It’s very easy to get into the habit of crossing your arms when talking to others. However, you should always aim to keep your chest and arms open, along with a straight back. 

This position allows people to feel more ‘welcome’ and prone to discussion when in your presence. 

Look people in the eye and use gestures

Once you have them feeling more comfortable it’s a good idea to look people in the eye and use small hand gestures to engage. 

It’s been found that people are more drawn to those who look them in the eye when speaking – so don’t forget eye contact if you want your message heard! 

Take a moment to pause

Pausing is a powerful tool. Not only does it give potential customers a chance to think about what you’ve just told them, but it also gives you a moment to mentally re-group and plan your next point. 

You can also use pauses to emphasise important points. 

Mirror the person you’re talking to

When you’re talking to someone new, a great way to build rapport is to mirror the other person’s body language and speech patterns. For example, if the nod along as you speak, you should do the same when it’s their turn. 

The same goes for smiling and tone of voice. 

Do you have a body language trick that works every time? We’d love to hear what works for you in the comment section.


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