How to Style and Sort Your Family Room

Hands up if your family room is one of the most used areas of the home? Keep your hands in the air if your family room could also use a little tender-loving-care? 

Well, you’re in luck! 

In this blog, we’re looking at ways to style and sort your family room that you’re bound to love. 

Keep flat surfaces free of clutter

A great starting point for any well-organised family room is keeping flat surfaces free of clutter. This means removing items from coffee tables or side tables that do not need to be there. You can also choose to place a tray or small basket on the surface to store remote controls and other frequently used items – better yet, this method looks great too. 

Organise your cords

Don’t let your cords take over the family room – spend an afternoon winding them into an organised fashion and lock in place with cable ties. This is particularly useful behind TV cabinets that have numerous devices connected. 

Look for functional storage options

When styling and sorting your family room it’s always a good idea to look for functional storage options. This may include furniture items such as ottomans that have built in storage or baskets and shelves for your family’s special items. 

Baskets are particularly useful for storing kid’s toys, extra cushions, and even accessories for gaming consoles. 

Create a kid zone 

A common complaint we hear from families, is that their kids are taking over the family room. One way to make this work is by creating a kid zone where they are free to keep, style and store their own toys and items. 

As mentioned above this may utilise baskets to keep things sorted or it could involve a bookshelf and drawers. Either way, we also love the idea of working this area into your kids’ weekly chores – if they mess it up, they need to tidy it up! 

Don’t lose sight of its purpose

Finally, remember not to lose sight of your family room’s purpose. It’s a space for the family to gather, bond and share good times. While this may not keep it in the most sorted condition 100% of the time – surely the good memories you’re forming together outweigh this, even just a little. 


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