How To Store Seasonal Clothes

For many Australians, seasonal clothing is a way of life. We wear jackets and coats in winter and trade them in for sundresses and sandals when December arrives. 

But the question often remains, how should I store seasonal clothes? 

Whether you’re coming out of lockdown or are simply getting ready for the summer months, we share our favourite tips for storing your seasonal clothes below. 

Ensure they’re clean before storing

Your first step in storing seasonal clothes is to ensure that they are clean. There is no point tossing soiled or smelly items into storage as this scent will place itself onto every item that it is stored with, potentially ruining every item in the long run. 

Choose your storage wisely 

As a rule of thumb, any clothing items that would stretch out of shape on clothes hangers should be folded. And delicate items that are kept on hangers should remain like this. 

There are many options for seasonal clothes storage that will depend greatly on the space you have available. Options include: 

Spare wardrobe or cupboard

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare wardrobe or cupboard within your home this can be utilised for seasonal clothes. Simply hang delicate or bulky items such as jackets and coats (season depending of course!) inside the cupboard and place a breathable hanging bag over them. Garment bags can be purchased from most variety stores and will help prevent your clothes from dust or mould. 

Plastic storage containers 

For those who are short on space or blessed with a home garage, plastic storage containers are a solid choice. You can choose sizes that roll under your bed, stack nicely, or slot in with other home storage. The choice really is yours. Our tips include labelling the containers, so you know what is in each and ensuring that items are folded or rolled neatly to save space and reduce the volume of creases that are formed. 

Vacuum seal bags

Finally, vacuum seal bags are the ultimate in space saving. Simply fill with your seasonal clothes and use your vacuum cleaner to remove any air within the bag. They will shrink in size allowing you to slip them under your bed, on top of wardrobes, or into your linen cupboard. Again, the choice is yours with the most important factor being that you save room within your wardrobe for the seasonal clothes that you need now! 

Ensure your storage space is cool, dark, and dry

You should also ensure that the space you choose to store your seasonal clothes is cool, dark, and dry. If you’re using the home garage, be sure to check on your items periodically to ensure that the area has not developed a leak and that plastic containers remain airtight.

There’s nothing worse than heading into the garage when seasons change only to find your seasonal clothes have been ruined. 

What’s next? 

If you don’t have the time or motivation to store your own seasonal clothes using our advice, that’s ok.  

Just don’t delay – summer is coming whether you’re ready or not! 


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