How to Spring Organize Your Kitchen Cupboards

We’re back with yet another dose of spring organizing tips – this time we’re getting your kitchen cupboards sorted! 

So, sit back, make yourself a cup of tea and keep reading for our step by step guide. 

Step 1 – Remove everything

In order to do any kind of organising you need to first remove everything from your kitchen cupboards. Depending on the layout of your kitchen place all items on your kitchen table or bench space. 

This is also the ideal time to give your cupboards a thorough clean. Use hot soapy water to ensure all grime is removed. 

Step 2 – Cull items you no longer use

It might seem like a lot of work but you should also use this as an opportunity to cull any and all items that you no longer use.

These items can be boxed up and donated to charity or passed on to friends and family.  

Step 3 – Ensure you have enough storage for small items

Small items such as cutlery and kitchen utensils should always be grouped together in some form of storage solution. We love cutlery trays, yes even for utensils, or small baskets that allow you to group like items. 

Step 4 – Assess the layout of your kitchen

Before you start placing items back inside your kitchen cupboards you should always assess the layout of your kitchen. Pots and pans should be kept near the stove where as dinner plates can be kept closer to the kitchen table or eating area. 

Does your kitchen match this description? If not, you may need to do a small amount of adjusting before placing items back inside your cupboards. 

Step 5 – Group like items together

Just like your cutlery and utensils, it’s important to group like items together when placing everything back inside your kitchen cupboards. This applies to groups of items such as dinner wear, baking trays, plastic containers etc. If you have the space, a great idea is designating a cupboard for each type of item. 

Step 6 – Ensure you and your family understand the new layout

There is nothing worse than making changes in your kitchen cupboards and having the entire family get confused! If you’ve made significant changes, we recommend gathering everyone together and simply having a walk through the kitchen. 

It may sound silly, but you’ll thank us when you don’t have to answer, “where are the plates” ten times each night!  


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