How to Spring Organize Your Kitchen

When was the last time you thoroughly organized your kitchen? 

We’re not just talking about giving the pantry a little clean – we mean when was the last time you thoroughly spring organised your kitchen?

Spring organising is a fantastic time of the year. It gives you a nudge to get your home in order for the warmer months to follow. But before you get carried away, read on for our guide to kitchen spring organising!

Start with the cupboards

Your shelves full of plates and glasses create as much dust and grime as other areas of the house. Start by removing everything from inside your cupboards and giving them a thorough wipe down. Vinegar and warm water usually works a treat. 

Use this as an opportunity to get your cupboards in order as you place items back. 

If you have children, create a cupboard for their plates and bowls – ensure it is within arms’ reach so they will always be able to access what they need without relying on an adult to get it for them. 

Your other items should all be grouped by type. Plates with plates, bowls with bowls and so on and so forth. Followed by glasses and mugs. 

Tackle hard to reach places

It’s easy to ignore hard to reach places, which means it’s easy to ignore the clutter that builds up. A common culprit is on top of the refrigerator. Do you have a stack of papers or miscellaneous items placed out of reach up there? 

Now is the time to take it all down and sort through. Toss anything that you haven’t needed or thought about for six months. Chances are, these items are just talking up space and collecting dust. 

Like all spring organising – give these areas a thorough clean also. 

Create a container system

Hands up if you have about three billion plastic containers taking up room in your kitchen? What about all the lids that don’t match up to the containers? 

Create a container system by ensuring that all containers have a lid to match. Store smaller containers inside larger containers and keep their lids in a stack next to them. 

Don’t cling onto odd lids in case of an emergency – you know deep down that you’ll never find a container that matches correctly. Toss these out immediately to keep your kitchen organised.


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