How to Spring Organise Your Home Office

For our last instalment of spring organising tips, we’re going to tackle an area of the home often avoided – the home office. 

So, go on, grab your recycling bin (we know you’re going to have excess papers in your home office) and get to work. 

Cull excess clutter

In order to start spring organising you must first get rid of excess clutter within the home office. This includes old newspapers, magazines, junk mail, letters you don’t need to file, etc. 

Taking a few moments to get rid of surface clutter will only help you out in the long run. 

Create a filing system that makes sense to you

No two people are the same in this world and the same goes for filing systems. Our biggest tip is to ensure that you create a filing system for your home office that makes sense to you. 

We recommend taking a few moments to think about what you’re filing needs are and how you would like this to look. 

Will you use folders or a filing cabinet? Will you sort papers by date, month or year? There is no hard and fast rule for organising your filing system – you just have to make sure it makes sense to you! 

Back up electronic files  

When was the last time you backed up your electronic files? Chances are, it was far too long ago. 

Take this as a not so subtle reminder to back up ALL electronic files asap. To do this you can use an external hard drive or cloud based service. Both solutions offer different benefits depending on your individual needs. 

Group spare stationary and office supplies together

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a stash of spare stationary and office supplies in your home office. Keep them sorted by grouping together in a box or container. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Allow yourself a junk drawer 

Let’s be realistic – no one has every single area of their home 100% sorted. This is ok. We recommend allowing yourself one junk drawer as a place to toss all those miscellaneous items that don’t fit in any exact category. 

Knowing that you have a place for extra items will also help keep your mind at ease when spring organising your home office. 


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