How to Spring Organise Your Bedroom

Along with start of spring, comes spring organising month! For our first blog this month we will show you how to spring organise your bedroom in a handful of simple steps. 

Remove the clutter 

Most people have one thing in common – a lot of clutter! The easiest way to start culling excess clutter is to grab two garbage bags and to simply start sorting.

Use one bag for trash and another bag to store items that can be donated to charity or given to friends or family. You’ll find this step especially useful for decluttering kids bedrooms. It’s amazing how quickly kids can grow out of clothes and toys. 

It’s only once you’ve removed the clutter that the true spring organising can begin.

Divide the bedroom into organising zones

Don’t try and tackle every area of the bedroom at once. This is the quickest way to set yourself up for failure. Instead, divide the bedroom into organising zones and set aside a certain amount of time for each area. 

We recommend dividing the bedroom into the following zones: 

  • Sleeping area – bed, bedside table, under bed storage 
  • Wardrobe area(s) – handing space and shelves or drawers
  • Desk/shelves area – study areas or bookshelves 
  • Miscellaneous area(s) – anything else you may have in your bedroom that is full of clutter or simply needs a good organising! 

Assess and adjust your bedroom storage 

Next, it’s time to assess and adjust the bedroom storage that you already have. You may be lucky and already own everything you will need. Otherwise, a few simple containers or vacuum seal bags can really go a long way for increasing your bedroom storage. 

We love using the following storage items when organising bedrooms: 

  • Vacuum seal bags
  • Under bed storage
  • Toy boxes
  • Plastic containers / decorative archive boxes (especially on bookshelves)
  • Wardrobe hanging space 
  • Wardrobe shelves 

Take your time and don’t feel overwhelmed

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when spring organising any room in your home, especially the bedroom! Try not to let these feelings deter you from doing a good job. There is no time limit on home organisation and if it is particularity overwhelming, simply take your time! 


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