How To Sort Your Wardrobe

Home organisation is never complete without a once over of your personal space and wardrobe. 

That’s why, we’re using this piece to share our favourite advice for how to sort your wardrobe. Ready to get organising? 

Advice 1 – Start with a blank canvas

The easiest and best way to sort your wardrobe is to start with a blank canvas. This means removing everything from inside of your wardrobe and culling in the process – you can choose to lay clothes across your bed or use portable clothes frames, depending on what you have on hand. 

Advice 2 – Cull what’s no longer needed

You should have started culling unnecessary items during the first point, but in case you haven’t, we recommend removing all items that haven’t been worn in 12 months or ones that you know deep down will never be worn again. 

You can choose to donate high quality items to charity, give to friends or family, sell online or finally, when all of the above is no longer suitable, place in the trash. 

Advice 3 – Store seasonal items 

A great way to save space in your wardrobe is to sort and store seasonal items. This may include winter coats during the summer months or summer clothes during the winter season, etc. To do this, remove items and seal in vacuum seal bags. 

These can be stored under your bed or out of sight in the home garage or linen cupboard if room permits. 

Advice 4 – Hangs items in order of height

Once you’ve culled your wardrobe items, we recommend re-hanging items in order of height. This means starting with coats at one end, then dresses, pants, skirts, tops, etc. Not only will this look smart in your wardrobe, but it will allow you to find what you’re looking for within a pinch. 

Advice 5 – Don’t forget about your drawers

Once you’ve got the hanging area sorted, it’s time to turn your attention to your drawers. Ensure these are organised by clothing type and that everything is folded neatly. You will save space by doing this and as above, be able to find what you need each morning with ease. 

Final tip – you’ll know your work is done when you can stand back and see everything inside your wardrobe AND have the doors shut! How’s your wardrobe looking? 


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