How to Sort Your Tool Box

Have you ever gone to fix something in your home and spent 30 minutes trying to find the right tool? If your answer is yes, then you’re going to love what this blog has to say. 

  • Have a grab and go toolbox

This one if for the DIY enthusiasts out there! A solid way of organising your tools is by creating a grab and go toolbox for all the tools you use frequently. This is the kind of tool box you fetch from the home garage when you need to hang a picture in your home, unscrew a hinge that’s come loose or tighten cupboard handles. 

It doesn’t contain everything you own, nor can it fix all of life’s problems. But it’s a solid start when something initially breaks. 

  • Create a tool section in your home garage

Once you’ve filled your grab and go toolbox, we recommend creating a tool section in your home garage. This is where you’ll keep your entire collection of tools and for some people, your prized possessions! 

A great way or sorting this space is to have a work bench, shelves, drawers and even a peg board to hang behind your work bench. This will allow you to thoroughly organise your tools as the next steps outline. 

  • Keep every tool in its place

Next up, we recommend sorting tools into different categories and creating a space just for them. This may include power tools, hand tools, or small items like nuts and screws. 

We always opt for vertical storage as it can save large volumes of space, along with a peg board, as they’re very cost efficient. 

Here you can hang hand tools in order of type and size – allowing you to instantly see what you have in your collection and if something is missing. 

You can complement this with small hangable containers for small, miscellaneous items. The same applies to glass jars, or anything that if fixable to your peg board.

Once you group these together, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

  • Create a space away from view

Finally, if you have items you’d rather not display, consider hanging these inside an old or designated tool cupboard. You can hang hooks on the back and sides to make the process easier and even include a padlock to ensure that little hands don’t make their way inside. 

Are you ready for some tool sorting time? 


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