How to Sort Your Kitchen Cupboards

Take a few moments to look around your kitchen; pay close attention to your kitchen cupboards. For many, clutter has accumulated over time and can cause increases in stress around the home. 

But it doesn’t end here. 

If you’re longing for a neat kitchen and sorted cupboards, we’re here to show you how. 

Remove all items from your cupboards 

Start by removing all items from within your cupboards. We recommend using your kitchen benches and dining table to place everything within view. This will make it easier to sort through individual items and make clear decisions about what should be stored where. 

Separate into ‘everyday’ and ‘sometimes’ items

Once you have removed all items from within your cupboards, separate each item into two piles; everyday items and sometimes items. 

Everyday items are the practical plates, cups and glasses that your family use on a daily basis. This may also include Tupperware or storage containers if you prepare meals in advance or have a large portion of leftovers after mealtime. 

Sometimes items are the kitchen items that you use on special occasions, such as fine china, glassware and serving trays. This will of course depend on the items within your kitchen and their use. 

Create an ‘everyday’ cupboard 

The number one way to sort kitchen cupboards is by creating an ‘everyday’ cupboard. Let us preface this by saying, you can use more than one cupboard for everyday items, however we recommend they be clustered in the same section of the kitchen for ease of use. 

This is where you will sort and store all of the items that you and your family use daily. Be sure to consider who will be accessing the cupboard and choose one that can be reached by all family members. There is no point storing kids cups and bowls up high, if they have no way of reaching them! 

Simply move your everyday items into this cupboard, placing the most frequently used items towards the front. Also be sure not to stack piles too high as this can lead to breakages – something we all wish to avoid in the kitchen. 

Select cupboards for remaining items 

Work your way around the kitchen placing items into cupboards closest to where they will be used. For example: store pots and pans in close proximity to your oven and stove top; serving trays and mixing bowls near the bench top where food preparation takes place. 

Occasional items such as fine china and glassware should be stored in the higher shelves of your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you need to use a chair or step ladder to reach these items as they will only be pulled down on special occasions, such as birthdays or Christmas. 

Maintain your cupboards daily

Once you have everything sorted and stored in your kitchen cupboards all that remains is daily maintenance. Simply give your cupboards a quick once over each evening to ensure that items have been placed back into their correct home. It’s better to break these habits quickly – if you or your family tend to take the easy approach!

With these tips your kitchen cupboards should be sorted to perfection and stress removed in no time! 


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