How to Sort Your Kitchen

When is the last time you gave your kitchen a thorough once over? Last week, last month, last year? For most people it’s when they first moved into their current home. 

But over time, kitchen items start to get misplaced, food goes stale, and plates get broken. Meaning, it’s important to give your kitchen a refresher every so often using these useful and handy sorting tips. 

  1. Grab a garbage bag and declutter

In order to truly get sorted you need to get rid of the clutter within your kitchen. Arm yourself with a garbage bag and remove all items you no longer use, anything that’s broken and all items of food that are past their best before date – or that you know deep down will never get eaten by your family. Once these are out of the kitchen, you’ll know what you’re working with!

  1. Use plastic containers in the pantry

We love plastic containers in the pantry – use them for all items that come in a cardboard box or packet to keep them fresh longer. You can also choose to label them, stack them, or sort them by meal time. 

If you need even more storage. Consider keeping baskets in your pantry for an easy supply of snacks. 

  1. Keep cooking tools near the stove

When organising the layout of your kitchen tools, we recommend keeping items you frequently use near the stove. This includes pots and pans, oils, spices, and items like wooden spoons and spatulas. This way you won’t need to reach far when cooking up a storm! 

  1. Group similar items 

Next up is your kitchen cupboards and drawers. Here we choose to group similar items together, such as bakeware, cookbooks, dinner sets, and kitchen utensils. 

Knowing where to find all similar items in a flash can be a lifesaver for a keen cook. 

  1. Store cleaning items under the sink

Most kitchens accumulate a number of cleaning products no matter how hard you try to keep them in the laundry or garage. We say roll with it and keep them together under the sink, so you always know where they are. Consider installing a couple of hooks inside the door to hang cleaning cloths too. 


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