How to Sort Your Home When Moving to A New House

Are you getting ready to make the move to a new house? Perhaps you’ve entered the property market for the first time? Maybe you’re downsizing from your family home? Or you could be moving in with your partner. 

No matter the scenario, we want to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. A new house should be enjoyed not stressed about. 

Keep reading to learn our top advice. 

You need to declutter

Most people would love to pack up their entire life and ship it on to their new house. But this never ends well. Chances are you’ll end up with even more clutter than you started with and we absolutely hate the thought of this. 

Remember the rule, you only need one

Whether you’re moving to a new house solo, or moving in with a partner, it’s important to remember that you only need one of everything. Don’t even think about bringing two toasters or two kettles into your new house. It won’t end well. 

Take some time before the move to figure out what you actually need and will use – and stick to it. You’ll thank us when you realise you’ve already given away, donated or sold the excess clutter. 

Think about the floorplan in advance

Most people enter a new house with the mantra – I’ll make it fit. We’d rather you consider the floorplan before making the move. This allows you to part with excess furniture in advance, ultimately saving you time, money and energy in moving items you’re simply never going to use. 

The same goes if your intention is to buy new items for certain areas – save yourself the hassle and don’t bring the old ones to begin with. 

Be ruthless

The hardest point comes last. When decluttering your home when moving to a new house, you need to be ruthless. Now is not the time to be sentimental – or to show attachment to items you haven’t used in years. 

Yes, your son or daughter may have once loved that plastic mug – but will they use it now when they come to visit? If the answer is no, it needs to go. 

Consider asking a bold friend or family member to sort through your belongings if you sense this becoming a problem. 

It’s an exciting time! Make the most of it! 


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