How To Sort The Home Office

There are generally two types of home office. Ones that are perfectly sorted and others

that haven’t heard the words “filing system”. 

If you’ve been tasked with a mammoth sorting job – we’re here to assist. Any home office can be organised into a clean and sorted sanctuary with a few small tweaks. 

Use shelves and vertical space

An easy way to create more storage solutions for any home office is to utilise shelves and vertical space. 

Shelves come in many forms including bookcases, desk shelves, or even sturdy floating wall shelves. The main thing to remember is the taller the shelves the better. Most people have tonnes of unused wall space in their homes – it’s time to make the most of it. 

You can use shelves to organise your client’s books, CDs, DVDs, games, stationary, folders and even create a filing system within them for important documents. 

Invest in archive boxes or baskets

Along with shelves, you cannot go past the usefulness of archive boxes or baskets. 

These have many uses including storing books, magazines, photos, paperwork or even children’s artwork. The options really are endless and better yet, they keep everything looking tidy and sorted! What’s not to love about that? 

Create a filing system that works for your client

Everyone has a different method for filing their important documents. What works perfectly for one person will not always work for another. For this reason, always ensure that you have a discussion with your client about their filing strengths and weaknesses and what specific goals they want to achieve. 

We recommend filing cabinets for their ease of use. You can use dividers to separate documents by type or even by month, if that’s what your client prefers. 

Sort and backup electronic files

Along with creating a paper filing system for important documents, it’s just as imperative to have an electronic system in place, as well as a method for backing up electronic files. 

One of the easiest methods is using cloud based services that store your files online. With these services you can access your files from any computer or device provided it has an internet connection. 

We always recommend that clients scan and upload copies of irreplaceable documents into their electronic filing systems also. 

You can never be too safe or organised when it comes to paperwork and files that live within the home office. 


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