How to Sort the Home Garage

When is the last time you had a good look at your home garage? This area of the home is often over looked – but it shouldn’t be. Without proper attention the home garage, tool shed, or man cave, can become an unsightly mess. 

When working with a client to sort and organise their home garage – the best place to start is with the tools. 

  • Remove excess clutter

It’s easy for the home garage to become a storage space for everything unwanted within the home. It’s far quicker to stash unwanted goods in the garage than get rid of them completely. The same goes for tools. When is the last time you or a family member de-cluttered the family tool shed? 

Dispose of any tools that are rusted or worn out. If they’re essential items, create a list of what needs to be replaced. 

  • Utilise wall space

You cannot have tools in the garage without a peg board system. Peg boards are fantastic for keeping tools tidy and out of the reach of small hands. 

We recommend installing a peg board behind the garage workbench. Use different size hooks to create a space to hang smaller tools. A great trick is hanging them from largest to smallest – this way you can always quickly see if an item has gone missing. 

  • Keep power tools adjacent to hand tools

This trick is often overlooked. Power tools are most frequently used in conjunction with hand tools – make it easy for your client to gain access to their tools when needed by storing power tools and hand tools in two separate spots adjacent to each other. This way your client can switch between tools in an instant. 

  • Use hobby boxes for small items such as nuts and bolts

Hobby boxes are great because they can be stacked and create a fantastic home for storing small items like nuts, bolts and screws. If hobby boxes are not your clients style, small storage units will pull out drawers work in a similar fashion. Consider using dividers within the drawers to increase the level of organisation. 

  • Keep a rubbish bin in the garage

Make it easy for your client to keep their home garage and workbench clean by placing a rubbish bin beneath the workbench. Sometimes, all it takes is a small bit of encouragement to get the job done right! 


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