How To Sort The Family Room

Sorting the family room can be quite the challenge. Whether your client has a large family room with plenty of storage or a tiny one covered in clutter, organising the family room is an exciting task. 

Start with a clean slate

The easiest way to tackle any room in the home, is to start with a clean slate. Empty all items from existing cupboards, tables, shelves and place these items into groups of similar items. 

Also take a moment to organise any and all electrical cables. These cables can be extremely dangerous when left in complete chaos. A simple method is curling them up and securing them with a rubber band or cable tie. 

Now that you have a blank slate take a good look around and consider what storage options are needed for the family room. 

There are many options available as listed below:

Use containers or boxes for games

We recommend placing small and large games into boxes to keep them sorted at all times. This helps ensure parts never go missing and gives children a clear place to put everything when cleaning up.  

Keep containers on low shelves so children can also access and put them away without adult assistance. 

Keep photos in storage boxes 

Does your client have a large photo collection? Photo storage boxes are a fantastic, inexpensive solution to store photos safely. Boxes can be placed on bookshelves or inside cupboards to ensure they always remain neat. 

You can even organise the photos within the storage boxes by year or event – making finding the exact photo a breeze. 

Organise reading material with a magazine rack

Keep the coffee table and side tables free from clutter by investing in a magazine rack. Also encourage your client to clean out old magazines once a month. 

Keep the coffee table tidy with a tray

Consider placing a tray on the coffee table to keep this area sorted. You can keep frequently used items like remote controls and books or magazines that are currently being read on the tray. 

Finally, ensure that all areas are accounted for. If your client has loose items that do not need to be on display, decorative boxes can be placed on bookshelves to conceal these items. Leaving you with the most organised family room possible! 


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