How to Sort Laundry Products

Do you have a method for sorting laundry products? Or do you just toss them all into the laundry cupboard and hope for the best? 

As a home organiser these small details must always be accounted for. Which is why we’ve put together this guide to sorting and storing laundry products. 

So, read on. 

Use biscuit jars for detergents

Boxes and bottles can turn into one big jumble or mess in the laundry cupboard. Instead, keep detergents in jars or big containers like clear biscuit jars. Not only do these look great and can completely change the appearance of your laundry. But they allow you to see how much detergent you have left. This is a win-win in our eyes!

Store products in order of use

Start by having a big throw out. Any old products that will never be used should be tossed, or moved to the garden shed for alternative uses like cleaning gardening pots or tools. 

Now that you’re just left with the products that your client actually uses, store them within the cupboard in order of use. 

For example, pre-soak then stain remover, then detergent and finally softener. It will depend on the products that your client uses but this should provide you with a general idea on the order that is best to store products. 

Use the space next to the washing machine

Chances are the laundry has a gap of space next to the washing machine. Use it! 

This space can be utilised in a number of ways. You can store free standing ironing boards or clothes drying racks in the space. Or utilise it for cleaning items such as mops and brooms depending on the size of the space available. 

Always try and think creatively within the laundry for extra storage opportunities. Your clients will love you for doing so. 

Use a rolling cart if you’re short on cupboards

A common complaint with small laundry areas is the lack of storage space. 

In this instance, a rolling cart can be used to create a laundry detergent and cleaning station. Keep all items that would be used for washing on the top shelf and consider keeping cleaning products on the bottom. This way you can wheel it in and out as needed. 


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