How To Sort Clothing Drawers

We’ve all experienced wardrobe anger. You know the moment when you’re rushing to get ready – before the school drop-off or morning commute – and you can’t find the item of clothing you’re looking for? 

You search relentlessly through your clothing drawers, getting more disheartened by the chaos and disorganisation. 

Eventually you give up and settle on a similar item, vowing to organise your clothing drawers in the immediate future. 

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a simple and easy guide for sorting clothing drawers that will make your morning routine a breeze. 

  1. Remove clothes

Start the process by removing all items from within your drawers. You should also use this as an opportunity to declutter any and all items you no longer need. This includes items that no longer fit property, are damaged, or that you’re holding onto for sentimental reasons. 

You can choose to donate good quality items to friends or family and charity organisations. Damaged goods should be tossed out. 

  • Group items by type

The easiest way to find items within your drawers is to ensure that everything is sorted by type. We recommend sorting your clothes into as many categories as you’re comfortable with. Tops can be split into t-shirts, singlets, jumpers, knits and so on and so forth. 

Take this one step further by using different drawers for different types. We understand that you most likely won’t have enough drawers for each type of clothing, in this instance, you can double up with different kinds of tops or pants in the one drawer. 

  • Use dividers for small items

It’s easy for small items like socks and underwear to go missing in your clothing drawers. Avoid this by using dividers to split drawers into rows or smaller squares. Individual or similar items can then be stored in these sections. This is particularly handy for stockings and tights. 

  • Store items seasonally

Do you find it harder to find items in winter when navigating bulky sweaters and heavy jeans? Consider storing your clothes seasonally to free up space within your clothing drawers. This can be done by utilising vacuum seal bags or air-tight containers. 

  • Put items away correctly

The biggest culprit for messy drawers is failing to put items away correctly in the first place. Get into the habit of putting clean laundry in their chosen location, as well as putting items you decide not to wear back in their correct spot. 

 Are you ready to get organised and make your mornings easier? We sure hope so! 


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