How to Sort Beauty Products

Are you trying to sort a bathroom that is out of control with beauty products? Or is there a beauty aficionado in your client’s family? 

Don’t stress about finding ways to sort cosmetics, hair products and styling tools – read on as we share our tips and know how. 

Use drawer dividers

One of the easiest ways to get beauty products in order is to use drawer dividers – these allow you to separate beauty products by type and allocate a specific location for each item. For example, all hair products in one section and all skin care in another. 

Store cosmetics in clear acrylic drawers or containers

We adore clear acrylic drawers or containers for their ease of use. They can be used in bathroom cupboards, on bench tops or make up tables. 

Designate drawers for each type of item such as lips, eyes and cheeks. This allows your client to quickly find what they are looking for and the clear nature of these drawers and containers mean you can always see what is in the drawer. A feature everyone will love!

Hang up hair and styling tools

Reduce the tangle and mess that often comes with hair styling tools by hanging them up. 

Use adhesive or suction cup hooks on the side of the bathroom vanity or on a nearby wall to hang frequently used tools so they’re always ready to go. It also helps to ensure these hooks are close to the power points in the bathroom. 

Keep bathroom essentials in glass jars

Essential beauty items like cotton buds and cotton balls cannot be forgotten. Keep these items free from dust and within arm’s reach by storing them in glass jars. The best part of this solution is that they also look great on the bathroom vanity. 

Consider a rolling cart to get ready on the go

Is your client constantly moving cosmetics from the bathroom to their bedroom or vice versa? If so, consider a rolling cart so they can get ready on the go wherever they please. 

Rolling carts often have shelves that can be separated by type and even allocate a space for hair styling tools in the bottom tray. 

 Are you ready to sort your next client’s beauty products? We sure hope so! 


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