How to Sort and Store Bakeware

If you happen to have an avid baker as a client, they’re going to have A LOT of bakeware. 

The tricky part of sorting and storing bakeware often comes down to the different sizes and shapes of baking dishes, muffin trays and pans. 

With some careful thought, you can create a system that your client with love and use on a daily basis. 

Get started by sorting 

Start by removing all bakeware items and placing them across the kitchen table or bench – this allows you to see what you’re working with and what needs to be stored. 

Sort through these items and remove any that are unfit for use, as well as items that can be stored elsewhere in the kitchen. Mixing bowls are a great example here. Chances are, these bowls are multi-purpose and not dedicated purely to baking. If you’re short on space, consider storing these items away from the other bakeware. 

Organise by type

The key to organising bakeware is making it fit inside the cupboard and making it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Organise all items by type. For example, keep glass bakeware together, cake tins and baking trays grouped with like items.   

Organise by size 

Now that you have items grouped by type, order them by size. There is no point stashing the biggest baking trays at the front of the cupboard and hiding the tiny ones up the back – you and your client will have no idea what is actually there! 

You can start with larger items on the bottom of the shelves and stack upwards with smaller items. Or start at one side of the shelve and work from left to right in order of size. 

Create a shelf organisation system

If your client has a large collection it could be worth putting a shelf organisation system in place. A handy trick is using dish racks to stack smaller trays in a row. 

You can also use table top binder racks to separate the shelve into compartments. Yes, these are what you would normally use in the home office – but they work just as well in the kitchen. 

No matter the approach you take, simply ensure there is easy access to everything and you’ll be onto a winning formula.


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