How to Solve Business Problems

Problem solving is a critical skill for any business. You will face issues from customers and in the day to day running of your operation, but continually learning about business is a great way to ensure you’re able to solve all problems that arise. 

The next time you face a business problem, give the following tips a try! 

  1. Define the problem

It can be easy to jump straight into problem solving mode – but we recommend taking some time to define the problem and understand the issue at hand before making any moves. 

This may be as simple as writing it on a piece of paper or jotting out ideas that surround the problem. Knowing what needs to be solved will also enable you to come up with the best solution.

  1. Brainstorm multiple solutions

Before you decide on one solution – we recommend brainstorming multiple possibilities to ensure you’re choosing the right one. Often, the first solution you devise isn’t the best one. 

  1. Look to the past 

If you’re still struggling to come up with a solution it can be a good idea to look back at previous problem-solving attempts. 

Have you seen a similar problem or will retracing your steps help you figure out what went wrong? As much as we’d like to have it in the moment, hindsight can be a powerful business tool. 

  1. Talk it through

If your problem stems from a customer, we also recommend getting them involved in the problem-solving process. This may be as simple as asking them what went wrong or what they would like to see done better. 

Also remember to approach conversations like this in a clear, level-headed manner to ensure emotions don’t enter the situation. 

  1. Decide on the best solution

Once you have a list of possible solution it’s time to decide which one to take. If you need help with the decision, consider asking someone in your life to listen to all the options and assess accordingly. However, you usually know which option you’re going to take by this point. 

  1. Evaluate your success

Finally, remember to evaluate the success of your problem-solving once action has been taken. You won’t get it right every single time, but it’s always an opportunity to learn. 

Do you have a problem-solving tip that works every time? Tell us below.


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