How to Simplify Mealtime Every Day of the Week

We all live busy lives and preparing healthy, nutritious meals each day of the week can be a struggle. We want to feel our families well, but the day can get away from us – who’s with us on that one?

With this in mind, we’re sharing a handful of ways to simplify mealtime – and get your kitchen sorted – every day of the week.

Keep a sorted kitchen

There is no easier way to simplify mealtime every day of the week than by maintaining a sorted kitchen. What this means is ensuring that your pantry, cupboards, refrigerator and benchtop are free from clutter. Every item in your kitchen should also have its own place.

This will allow you to move around your kitchen with ease and find the items you require immediately. How does this translate to mealtime? It’s simply really – you won’t waste time looking for ingredients or searching for serving plates. Instead, you can prepare and enjoy a meal with your family while catching up on the day you just had!

Plan meals in advance

Another way to simplify mealtime is to plan meals in advance. This will remove stress associated with deciding what to have for dinner and guarantee that your family is well fed every day.

This can be achieved by storing all your favourite and family-pleasing recipes in one place. We recommend creating a ‘Recipe Index’ that you can sort through each week, in order to select meals. Once you have selected your menu for the week, transfer the ingredients across to your shopping list and you’re good to go!  

Cook ready-to-go meals in advance

Similar to planning meals in advance, having a handful of ready-to-go meals in your freezer can be a lifesaver for busy or long days at work. We’ve all experienced a day when the desire to cook is low!

Simply choose, prepare and freeze a handful of meals at the beginning of the week. You can then defrost them as required – allowing more time for the important things in life: you and your family.

Have your family pitch in

Do you know the saying: many hands make light work? Well the same can be said for simplifying your mealtime. This can be applied during meal preparation and clean up – and is a wonderful tool to save time and get your family involved every day of the week.

You may create a roster for cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. Of course, this is dependent upon the number of people in your family and their ages. We can’t have three-year old’s making dinner after all – but there are many ways your family can pitch in from setting the table, washing dishes and even choosing the menu.

With these tips your mealtime should be a calm and relaxed event.


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