How to Send a Great Business Email

How many times have you needed to send a business email and not known the correct etiquette or formula for success? 

Once, maybe twice? 

For business women, sourcing new and maintaining existing business involves A LOT of emailing. 

So what is the best method for sending a great business email that gets opened and answered every single time? 

  1. Always include a subject line

Subject lines are important for letting the recipient know what the email is about. With so many newsletters and items of direct marketing hitting out inboxes every day, a subject line is essential in ensuing your email cuts through the clutter. 

Keep it short and direct. 

  1. Start by greeting the recipient 

No one likes to receive an email that begins “To whom it may concern”. These will often be the first emails to hit the trash can and who can blame the recipient from deleting them? We sure can’t! 

Instead, begin emails with a personalised greeting to the recipient. If you’re familiar with the recipient opt for “Dear John” or “Hi John”. If the email is of a formal capacity opt for a more formal greeting such as “Dear Mr. Smith”. 

  1. Get to the point (quickly!)

Savvy business people do not have time to read endless paragraphs of information. For this very reason, it’s important to get to the point of the email quickly. We recommend using the first paragraph of your email to state your purpose before moving onto the body of the email. 

The body of the email can be used to flesh out the email’s details and include relevant items or information.   

  1. Thank the recipient and end politely 

The way you end emails is just as important as the way you begin them. Remember to thank the recipient for their time and consideration and always end the email with a few kind words. This can be as simple as “Kindest, John”, “Best Regards, John”, or “Cheers, John”. 

  1. Proof read every email

Finally, always take a couple of seconds to proof read each and every email before hitting send. 

Proof reading helps to remove any spelling or grammatical errors and to ensure you’re always putting your best foot forward. 

Do you have a fool proof email subject line? We’d love to hear what works best for you in the comments below!


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