How to Refresh Your Home Garage

When it comes to spring organising, no area of the home is more important than the home garage. 

In this blog, we talk about all the ways you can sort your home garage, along with some fresh tips for keeping it sorted all year long.

Declutter what you no longer need

In order to thoroughly spring organise your home garage, we recommend starting by decluttering what you no longer need. 

This is as simple as bagging or boxing up items you no longer need and are just creating dust inside your home garage. This may be items that are broken, old toys or bikes that your family no longer use, or even tools that are damaged.  

Increase your vertical storage

The number one way to spring organise your home garage is to increase your vertical storage. This can be achieved by installing shelves on the perimeter of your home garage or even hooks – these are particular great for hanging up gardening equipment like brooms and shovels, as well as bikes or general sporting equipment. 

Once you have shelves installed, we recommended using airtight containers or tubs to store items that should be kept dust free. They are also a great way to keep your home garage lovely and sorted. 

Hold a garage sale

If you find yourself with a number of items too good to throw away, considering holding a garage sale. This can be combined with any decluttering you do within your home and can be a fantastic way to make a few extra dollars. 

If you’re not keen on opening up you front yard to the general public or don’t have the space, you can also consider listing items on online marketplaces such as eBay or Facebook. 

Fresh tips for the home garage

  • Don’t store your junk – when you use the home garage as a dumping ground for excess clutter, you’re not solving the problem just moving it out of your house
  • Keep a bin handy and use it – don’t let junk pile up, use a bin and empty it weekly to be sure
  • Label boxes so you can easily access items when you need them


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